Frequently Asked Questions
How big is the Sienna Weekender Bag?
When the bag is packed, it measures 16L x 10H x 8W inches (40L x 25H x 20W cm).
Does it fit under an airplane seat?
The Sienna Weekender has been specially designed to fit comfortably under an airplane seat. This includes standard economy seats on all budget airlines.
Can the bag be used as a personal item in addition to a carry on?
As at August 2019, the Sienna Weekender meets the personal item and carry on guidelines for most airlines in the US. The majority of carriers allow you to take one personal item in addition to a carry on (usually a trolley case, large rucksack or duffel bag). This means you can use the Sienna Weekender as your personal item and place it under the seat. A slightly bigger carry on bag would be placed in the overhead compartment. Just be careful of certain budget fares than only allow one personal item to be carried within the standard fare.
Which airlines would accept this bag as a personal item?
All of the airlines we checked will accept the Sienna Weekender as a personal item.  That includes most US carriers such as American Airlines, Delta, United, Spirit, Southwest, JetBlue, Skywest, Virgin America, Frontier, Alaska, Express Jet and Hawaiian. It also qualifies as a personal item on most international airlines, but we recommend that you check the up-to-date baggage restrictions before you travel. There are too many to list here!
Is it waterproof?
The bag is made of waterproof polyester, so you can rest assured that your contents will remain dry in the event of a rainstorm.
Is it collapsable enough to fit inside a suitcase to bring on a trip and use for additional luggage when returning with more stuff?
The Sienna Weekender folds almost flat when it’s empty and it’s really lightweight, so it would be perfect for this.
Does it fit a laptop?
Yes, the Sienna Weekender is designed to fit laptops up to 15.6”. It can also carry an iPad, tablet or e-reader in addition to a laptop.
Is the bag comfortable to carry on the shoulder?
This was one of the main considerations when we designed the Sienna Weekender. When you’re carrying a lot of stuff, it’s important for your bag to be comfortable. The shoulder straps are a great length to sit well on your shoulder and are sewn in a specific way so that they don’t slip off. They’re made of a soft and durable cotton, which is really comfortable and won’t cause any rubbing or friction on your shoulder.  
Is it structured or soft?
The Sienna Weekender is a soft, but very durable bag. It doesn’t have a solid structure, which makes it easier to get into awkward spaces. Plus it’s more comfortable to carry.
Is it machine washable?
The Sienna Weekender is not machine washable. We recommend sponge cleaning with a mild detergent.
Can it be used as a gym bag?
Definitely! It’s actually a really versatile bag.  Use it for the gym, for work or even as a hospital bag.
Would it be big enough to use as a hospital bag for labor and delivery?
As a hospital bag, it would carry everything you need for mom and baby for an overnight stay (or even a couple of nights). If you plan to stay longer, you’d probably also want to take a trolley case. The Sienna Weekender perfectly complements rolling luggage.
What does the bag weigh?
Around 1.5 pounds (0.7 kg).
Does it have lots of pockets?
The bag has an internal zipper pocket for valuables, as well as a skirted pocket for the WETnDRY Compresspack. There’s an external front pocket with zipper and an integrated valuables pocket in the trolley sleeve.
Does it come with a long cross-body strap?
Yes, there’s an adjustable shoulder strap made of the same comfortable material as the handles.
How many sets of clothes would fit inside?
The bag can carry everything you need for a long weekend (up to 4 days) including clothes, toiletries and shoes.
Is the bag available in any other colors?
At the moment it’s only available in Charcoal, but we plan to introduce other colors soon.
What is the WETnDRY Compresspack?
It’s a really useful accessory that comes with the bag. It can be used to store shoes, laundry or anything else you want to keep separate from the other contents of your bag. It’s 100% waterproof and odor resistant and compresses right down to take up as little space as possible. You’ll love it!
Where can I buy the Sienna Weekender Bag?
It’s current sold exclusively on Amazon.  
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